Lenten Renewal Program


The program is simple. The main focus is on making our Faith more of a part of our daily lives, as well as taking advantage of the extra offerings that the Church gives us during this time. The program includes materials that will be provided for you each week for your reflection. 

As you come to Liturgy on Sundays, there will be three items available for you to take from the Narthex. One will be a brief Lenten newsletter, which will discuss some of the aspects of Great Lent. There will also be two scripture readings, one for Wednesday and one for Friday. The readings will include a few reflection questions to help guide your prayerful consideration of the themes of renewal. The materials will also be made available on our website.

In order for any amount of renewal to take hold in our parish, it needs to begin with a measure of personal commitment to participate. The commitment you make is between you and God alone, no one else will ever see it. There is a link to a commitment letter below, which outlines a basic level of participation in the Lenten disciplines and worship. I hope that you can participate at the given level, however please feel free to modify the pledge any way that you like – as I said no one else will ever see it. Please sign and seal your commitment in the enclosed envelope, write your name on the envelope, and bring it to the church at any time. Your letter will be placed in a box, which will remain in front of the icon of Christ during Great Lent. A vigil light will be placed next to the box as a sign of the sincerity of your effort. Your letter will be mailed back to you after Pascha.

Great Lent comes during springtime, when all of creation is reborn and renewed. It is my earnest prayer that this simple program will help bring about a deeper spiritual awareness and renewal in each of us, and amongst our fellow parishioners during Lent this year. I am confident that everyone will benefit. Imagine what your prayers and your presence will mean for St. Barbara’s as we participate together. I look forward to sharing what promises to be an inspiring program with everyone, and I look forward to rejoicing in the Resurrection with you this year! With love in Christ, ~~~“Fr. Haralambos


Please click on the links below to download the program materials

Invitation to the Program

Lenten Commitment Letter

Daily Prayer Service

  • Week 1, March 11-16

Bible Readings