Outreach – Orphanages

Alex Haimanis – Missions

[Indian orphans]The Missions Committee would like to express their heartfelt gratitude to the Parish of Saint Barbara for making the Mission Awareness Luncheon a success. So far we’ve raised $3,500. A special thank you to Philoptochos for always donating to the orphans, and especially for their generous donation of $1,000 this year. Many thanks to Bill Poulis for providing and preparing the delicious meal, and to Dr. Athanasakis for a very interesting talk. Thank you also to Pam Alexander, Jim Arger, Chris Compogiannis, Ellen Fenger, Brian and Alexandra Iorio, Tom Kapernekas, Ernest Kolendrianos, and George Papazacharioudakis for all their help and support. Thank you all for helping the orphans of India, Guatemala, and Albania. Make God continue to bless you.