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Sister Parish of Saint Barbara Orthodox Church in Kazinga, Tanzania — Google Map

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Mission Tanzania was started in 2009 to fund a series of community improvements for a village in Tanzania. Working with his Eminence Archbishop Jeronymos of Mwanza, our sister Parish of Saint Barbara Orthodox Church was built in Kazinga, Tanzania. In 2010 members of the parish here were part of a medical mission trip that treated over 750 people in 6 remote villages. While there the team met with Archbishop Jeronymos, and determined that the most critical need was for clean water. Since the Orthodox Church in Tanzania’s 1940s drilling equipment had finally broken down and could no longer be repaired, Mission Tanzania raised funds to purchase drilling equipment and ship it to Archbishop Jeronymos. The equipment should be arriving in Tanzania any day now, and will be used to provide clean water to any and all villagers who need it. Saint Barbara’s share of the proceeds from this concert will go to support Archbishop Jeronymos and the Orthodox Church in Tanzania’s well drilling project. Their plan is to drill new water wells, and then train a local team on how to maintain the new wells. Their goal is to save lives and prevent disease by providing clean water, something we take for granted, to all the people of the region.

Help us help them

It is a story heard too often: African communities without churches, schools, or basic healthcare. We hope to change that for one community in Tanzania – a village without a well, a school, a clinic, or a church. Help us help them. Your help will dig a well for clean water, help fund a school to teach children, build a clinic, and stock it with medicines. Your help will build a chapel to serve as the cornerstone of a community. Together we can do this.

[Future site of Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church in Tanzania]
Site of the future Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church in Tanzania. Missionaries from St. Paul’s Greek Orthodox Church in Irvine, CA speak with excited parishioners. The current chapel stands in the foreground, with Lake Victoria in the background.
[Outreach - Well-Digging Rig] [Outreach - Well-Digging Rig]
Well-Drilling Equipment

Donations are still being accepted. Please send checks to our address on the contact us page. Make checks payable to “Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church” and indicate “Mission Tanzania” on the memo line.

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